About Me

I'm Jordyn Beschel, I am a published digital and film photographer, music journalist, and creative writer based in Southern Connecticut and always willing to travel. 

Though I have spent the majority of my photography career photographing musicians and live events, I have experience with various areas of photography and am always willing to work with the needs of clients. I have photographed theater productions, modeling portfolios, professional headshots, car events, products and lookbooks, and more. I have also served multiple online and print media outlets as a photographer, writer, and editor. 

Currently, I am focused on expressive portraiture (i.e., boudoir, fashion, and creative portraits), professional portraits, and branding with small businesses; however, feel free to contact me with any photo inquiries!

I am a co-owner and photographer of Lifetime Imaging, where I specialize in weddings and engagements. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and am a candidate for my Master of Arts in Community-Clinical Psychology with an interest in participatory action research and trauma-informed expressive arts intervention.

Coloring the lives of others through collaborative & expressive photography, and delivering photographs that enlighten and inspire others to continue living as the best version of themselves.

As both an artist and a service-oriented businesswoman, I am committed to working with my clients to co-create photographs. Using my creative leadership and the clients' perspectives, I aim to produce images that honor the true soul of the client and showcase their inner (and outer) light.

I am here to bring passion and the true purpose of expressive art into the lives of those I work with. Through art, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us, and I seek to bring this wondrous experience to my clients. Together, we are creating photographs that show YOUR true brilliance whether that is through empowering you and your body in boudoir sessions, encapsulating your passion in your unique brand, or providing you with tools that showcase your poise and professionalism for future success.

Although flattering, high-quality, and creative photographs are promised when working with me, I hope that our time spent together helps you recognize your light and encourages you to shine everywhere you go.

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